Friday, February 4, 2011


I have decided to move my blog. Well, not really my blog. This blog is not moving. It is, however, time for me to move on.

I first started this blog when I was in Richmond training to assimilate to life overseas. It was a means to update the folks back home about my adventures overseas. When I first got back to the States, I thought about disbanding the blog altogether because there was no exciting spiritual adventure to be had. This in turn became an indictment primarily because there was no exciting spiritual adventure to be had. We all have a story to write and I was not writing mine well.

The blog has really become more of an accountability that I should be living in such a way that it can be written down. So, I have tried to write, though unsuccessful in consistency, what I have been learning, how I have been growing here in North Carolina. This has been fun though I feel that my thoughts communicated on this web page have run its course. I have my partner, my bride, my best friend to share a story with. I am glad to be writing with her now. My wife, Susan, and I have decided to join our blogs into one. Maybe this way we can be more consistent. (That and she is an awesome writer for which I hope to benefit by association).

It is good and right to end this blog on the four year anniversary of the first unforgettable day of our orientation in Richmond, where I met the dearest of brothers, and most of all my beautiful bride. Awakethedawn will always be an encouragement for me to meet each and every morning with a fervor to fight to see God’s glory in every moment. I hope that it defined me in this blog as I hope it will define me in the next blog.

I realize that this post could be a bit narcissistic considering there are all of two of you who check this, of whom I probably could either call you up to let you know I have a new blog or just walk over to your place and tell you to your face. Either way, if someone comes here on accident or even if one has a true desire to read about what is going on in our lives it can be done at

Thank you for all those who kept up with me over the years and have earnestly prayed for me by checking this blog. Please continue to pray. We are desperate for His grace and for your intercession.

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